The boys on the street 2015

The boy saw me with the camera and started posing and requested to take some photographs. Soon few more boys joined and started giving different poses. Usually it’s not an easy task to photograph people in the public. The boys volunteered and it was an easy task for me.

Boys Posing
Boys Posing

They were so daring and had no sign of shyness in their face. After taking couple of photographs, when I asked their name, they were just saying film celebrities’ name. This shows how movie buffs they are! Continue reading


Harley Davidson Bikes

If you are in Bangalore, want to have a look at the Harley Davidson bikes, head to UB City. A short walk from UB City towards Lavelle Road is where the Harley Davidson Bikes showroom is located.

Harley Davidson Street Bob
Harley Davidson Street Bob

Tusker Harley Davidson Bangalore 

The Tusker Harley Davidson showroom is located in Lavelle Road, just a short walk from Vittal Mallya road.

Tusker Harley Davidson
Tusker Harley Davidson

You can have a look at many models of Harley Davidson bikes just standing outside. Many bikes are no display there and most of them being parked outside.

Harley Davidson Street Bob

Harley Davidson Street Bob
Harley Davidson Street Bob

The Street Bob costs more than 10 lakh (ex-showroom), you can buy a luxury sedan for that money but this one will give you more thrill, and more eyes!

IRON 883

Harley Davidson IRON 883
Harley Davidson IRON 883

The IRON 883 costs 7.3 Lakh (ex-showroom) or may be more. The price information in this post is from the Harley Davidson Indian website.

If you feel the names of above bikes are not correct, feel free to correct me. – Do comment below and follow me in Twitter.

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Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob

This corn on the cob is not a grilled one but a directly burnt with charcoal and spiced up with chilli powder and lemon. This snack is quite popular among the walkers.

Corn on the Cob – Indian Way

Burnt corn on the cob

These are sold on the streets and are comparatively cheap when compared with the restaurants. But may be less hygienic. Three more photographs of “Corn on the cob.”

Dried Fish – Photographs from Poompuhar

The Dried Fish Photographs

Dried Fish seems to be less discussed topic when it comes to food. Dried Fish, if cooked in a way it should be cooked, will surely tickle the taste buds of many. Here are some photographs for you.

Dried Fish Market – Poompuhar Beach

I was quite fortunate to visit this place, as we didn’t planned to be here. It was our cab driver who suggested this place. We came here not because of Dried Fish but to see the famous Kannagi Statue.

Dried Anchovies

Dried Anchovies

I doubt if the above image is indeed “Dried Anchovies”, I guessed it at its size. Let me know if it is not. I have posted hell lot of photographs in my main blog – more photographs of Dried Fishes.

Photographs of Golden Retrievers

Photos of Golden Retrievers captured in Bangalore

I never imagined that I would see this Golden Retrievers again. Last time when I saw them in Cubbon Park was more than a year ago. I never anticipated them to be there in the Cubbon Park today also.

Brown Golden Retriever
Brown Golden Retriever in Cubbon Park, Bengaluru

I guess they are here every Sunday’s or may be sometimes in the weekdays, I don’t know, I never went to Cubbon Park during the weekdays.

What is amazing is that one can see half a dozen of Golden Retrievers together in complete harmony with each other and the people in the park. The Golden Retrievers seems to be a peace loving dogs, ready to please the owner and even the passerby’s. But they know when to attack!

I have posted some photographs here.